Frog Lane Boys' School
1 Frog Lane Boys' School
Frog Lane Boys’ School
Photo credit :Lichfield GIS Licensed under CC BY

The Frog Lane Boys’ school was initiated by Dean Woodhouse with supported by subscriptions and by donations from the Conduit Lands trustees in 1803.

The brick building in the photo is thought to be designed by Richard Greene, a Lichfield banker, and opened in 1850.  The school was closed in 1913 and the boys were moved to the new Church of England Central school. 

A city map from 1989 shows tha location of the former school between Redcourt Road and Gresley Row.

The building was demolished and the area cleared in the 1990’s to make way for the new city centre development.

Buxton & Bonnett - 2015
Buxton & Bonnett - 2015
City map from c.1989
City map from c.1989
The school after the 1960’s Bakers Lane development
The school after the 1960’s Bakers Lane development
Photo credit:Lichfield GIS
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  • Frog Lane Boys’ School - 1913
    Location of the former school.
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  • Buxton & Bonnettc. 2010 - 2015
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